For a long time bands have been using so-called “fan gate” tabs on their Facebook pages for increasing the number of Likes. And this has always been making sense - you must give people a reason to like you! To get more email subscribers, you give your audience something in exchange for an email. For Facebook, it’s absolutely the same - give your fans a compelling reason to click that “Like” button.

Earlier in 2012 Facebook introduced a global redesign, removing the ability to set your own landing pages. And it seemed like everyone forgot about fan gates. However, fan-gating is still an extremely effective tool to increase Facebook Likes. You just need to do it right - and now we have done it for you.


Get 10x increase in daily Likes

This is what happened to breakbeat / dubstep producer Davip.

In April 2012 we installed a fan gate on electronic music producer Davip’s Facebook page, knowing that we were unable to make it a default landing page. We didn’t run any campaign for him afterwards. All Davip did was prepare an awesome package to give away and spread the link on his social networks. The increase in Daily Likes, Talking About This and Viral and Total Reach was enormous:


No technical or design skills needed - AT ALL!

A recent Dotted Music survey showed that around 90% of musicians and bands don’t use fan gates today. If you are among those, you are losing hundreds of new Likes weekly, if not daily.

We know what has been stopping you so far though. In that same survey, 82% of artists said that they either don’t understand how to install a fan gate, or don’t have a designer to do the graphics.

This led us to creating Music Fan Gate 2.0., a package of beautifully designed and easily customisable fan gate templates, as well as extremely detailed instructions on adding your very own fan gate tab to your band’s Facebook Page in under 40 minutes, even with zero technical and design skills.

I have definitely been a bit skeptical to use Fan Gates in the past because honestly... installing one seemed complex. But being a musician, I know that having one can be invaluable to garnering new fans!

Enter this Fan Gate Package that was presented to me by Dotted Music. I was up & running in no time. It's a great tool!

Simply Andrea

I knew we just had to have Music Fangate 2! However, actually understanding the technology and installing it filled us with complete trepidation. BUT it was easy... the guys at Dotted Music are past masters at making each individual client feel valued and important, so please, if you receive an e-mail with a fantastic Dotted Music offer attached, please take advantage of it. Definitely THE specialist App service company to deal with.

Gill McGill / Belle Cannon


What you get with Music Fan Gate 2.0

We offer you a set of 8 (two new styles added November 23rd) professional music-themed fan gate templates (worth other $700 *) designed by Dotted Music for a music act of any genre. We will keep adding new designs to the collection, so whenever you purchase Fan Gate 2.0 - you will always be supplied with new templates.

If you don’t want to bother yourself with the whole preparation and installation process, let us do it for you by ordering the package with our manual setup.

What you get Fan Gate 2.0
Fan Gate 2.0
With Setup
Fan Gate 2.0
Custom Design
7 (+1 bonus) unique fan gate templates *
Unlimited Facebook Pages and Tabs
Lifetime supply of new basic templates
Facebook app thumbnails for each of the designs
Template editing instructions if you have Adobe Photoshop
Template editing instructions if you don’t have Adobe Photoshop (or any image editor at all)
Installation instructions
“How to promote my Fan Gate 2.0” tutorial
Email support
Dotted Music sets up one tab for you
Custom unique design for one tab
Personal Fan Gate 2.0 promo campaign development
Price (one-time fee) ** $29
$49 $149

** Music Fan Gate 2.0 is now a free add-on to We Spin, a marketing educational platform for musicians – sign up to We Spin and access the bundle! If you want a custom setup or design, order an appropriate product above.
* Each of the designs is worth over $100, which brings the whole value of the package to ~$700 in total.


According to the recent Facebook Platform Policies update, it is no longer possible to offer incentives to Like a page. This means that you cannot install Music Fan Gate anymore. Still want to build a bigger following for your music project? Join We Spin!